Enter the world of courage with Herschel Supply, maker of quality company for life’s journey. Each product, bearing the stamp of timeless design and this Canadian origin, is created in a Vancouver studio. Since 2009, Herschel has not stopped moving forward, but continues to innovate, expand its community and reduce its environmental impact.

Explore new horizons, discover beauty in unfamiliar cities, make lifelong friends and undertake GPS-free journeys. The journey is not always easy, it takes courage to leave your comfort zone and open yourself up to new experiences. It may seem scary at first, but that’s where the magic of life’s best moments lies. So let’s inspire others to join the challenge.

At the Courage Expo, Herschel is present to fill your future with limitless possibilities. Regardless of the direction you head to, be proud of each step that helps you shape your unique journey. Try new things, explore, and be inspired to live a life full of bold choices and unforgettable moments. Herschel offers you company and style for your own engaging and untamed journey.