Begin your text with Parker’s unique pen, taking over 135 years of heritage associated with quality, craftsmanship and the desire for perfection. Parker isn’t just a brand; it’s a story. It began with the dream of a young visionary, George Safford Parker, the founder whose idea burst forth in 1888: there is always room to create a better pen.

This concept shaped Parker’s philosophy. After a challenging nine years of research and innovation, the legendary Parker Jotter pen was launched in January 1954, revolutionising fine writing – combining elegance, reliability and a unique characteristic click into one pen.


Every stroke with a Parker pen carries an air of elegance and confidence. It is a seamless transition between tradition and modernity, a dedication to craftsmanship and a desire for perfection. The Parker Jotter has become an iconic symbol and remains relevant to today’s modern consumer.

Every Parker pen is a faithful testament to durability. And once the ink runs out, simply refill it, allowing the pen to keep you company for recording your thoughts and ideas forever.


Parker pens are not just writing instruments; they are symbols of elegance, quality and durability. They transcend time, connect generations and spread a unique style. They are companions on the journey of recording thoughts and dreams. Every stroke with a Parker pen is a step into history, into tradition and into the unsurpassed quality that Parker embodies.