It started as a passion for nature. In 1942, Erik Thulin, obsessed with the Scandinavian wilderness, decided to put the Thule name on an innovative fishing trap. This was the beginning of a company that has become a symbol of freedom for active individuals around the world.

In keeping with the motto „Bring Your Life“, Thule has become an icon in products for active people. It offers an extensive range of products enabling people to take what they hold most dear – worry-free, safely and with elegance.


Today, as we all try to discover the beauty of nature or wander the world with family and friends, Thule is our companion on this journey. Thule understands our desire to enjoy more of life, without worrying about how to carry all our necessities.

Their wide range of products includes smart panniers and bags designed for a variety of activities, whether it’s cycling, car travel or casual carry. From protective cases for tech to practical suitcases and daypacks, all with one goal in mind: to make your life easier and allow you to pursue your passions, whether you’re in a busy city or on vacation.

Thule isn’t just a brand. It’s an adventure companion that allows us to start wherever our passions take us. Thule – where your adventure begins.