Mepal Mepal, in business since 1950, is a pioneer in intelligent products for the storage and transfer of food or beverages. Their tradition of in-house development and manufacturing ensures the quality and innovation they bring to their customers.   Their high-quality products are packed with smart features that enrich the everyday user experience. At the […]


Herschel Enter the world of courage with Herschel Supply, maker of quality company for life’s journey. Each product, bearing the stamp of timeless design and this Canadian origin, is created in a Vancouver studio. Since 2009, Herschel has not stopped moving forward, but continues to innovate, expand its community and reduce its environmental impact. Explore […]


Parker Begin your text with Parker’s unique pen, taking over 135 years of heritage associated with quality, craftsmanship and the desire for perfection. Parker isn’t just a brand; it’s a story. It began with the dream of a young visionary, George Safford Parker, the founder whose idea burst forth in 1888: there is always room […]

Case Logic

CASE LOGIC   For nearly four decades, Case Logic has been delivering top-of-the-line bags and cases for mobile electronics. Starting with just two audio cassette cases, its innovative work has helped create and expand the field of audio cassette storage. While music has changed and technology has advanced, the important word „mobile“ remains relevant and […]


Thule It started as a passion for nature. In 1942, Erik Thulin, obsessed with the Scandinavian wilderness, decided to put the Thule name on an innovative fishing trap. This was the beginning of a company that has become a symbol of freedom for active individuals around the world. In keeping with the motto „Bring Your […]

Ocean bottle

Ocean bottle A designer and truly practical water bottle that you can take with you all over the world. Ocean Bottle, a B Corp certified brand of stylish and reusable bottles, hit the market in 2019. Every sale of an Ocean Bottle helps to fund the collection and recycling of up to 1,000 plastic bottles […]

What is merch?

What is merch? The term „merch“ is short for „merchandise“, which refers to an assortment of merchandise associated with various artistic disciplines, such as music, films or other artistic movements. This range of products is associated with the distinctive elements of the artist, band or brand in question and has become an indispensable part not […]

Waterman pen

WATERMAN PEN Self-presentation with grace and flair comes easier with a pen from Waterman. Founded by Lewis Edson Waterman in New York, this iconic French brand offers not only a writing instrument, but a touch of Parisian charm to anyone who picks it up. Since its birth in 1883, Waterman has represented the fusion of […]

Merch benies what are its advantages?

MERCH benies WHAT ARE THEIR ADVANTAGES? If you desire a personal expression of style, there’s no better way than through custom hats. Custom hat manufacturing is becoming an increasingly popular option for those who want to create an original visual identity, even during periods of cold weather. Unique Design and Personal Style   One of […]


Camelbak CamelBak was founded in 1989 after the company’s founder made a prototype using an IV bag with water and a sock, inventing the first hands free hydration solution designed specifically for the needs of cyclists. Much has changed since then, except for Camelback’s desire for innovation and quality. Today, CamelBak is a household name […]